Are Look Bikes Good? (by Experts After Riding 7 Months!)

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Look bikes are popular for a reason. They are attractive, well-designed, and durable. Plus, they’re great for commuting and running errands around town. What’s not to love? Thanks to their sturdy construction, look bikes can handle city streets and rough terrain alike

. And because they’re so lightweight, they’re easy to carry up stairs or onto public transportation. Whether you’re riding to work or exploring new neighborhoods, look bikes are a great way to get around. So why not give one a try? You might just find that you’re a big fan.

Look 795 Blade RS Road Bike Review

We are looking for a review of the Look 795 Blade RS. Let’s talk about its stiffness, ride quality, and durability. We will also discuss how well the LOOK bike holds its shape. The LOOK bike is fairly sluggish from standstill. Once accelerated, it generates plenty of speed. While this bike is not strong on steep inclines, it is surprisingly comfortable to ride.

Look 795 Blade RS review

The Look 795 Blade RS road bike is a worthy upgrade from the previous generation model. The 1.3kg frame and updated wheels and handlebars are a welcome addition to the already impressive line-up.

Although the rim-brake version is stiffer than its predecessor, it manages to trim some grams from the 795 Light RS’s drag. However, aerodynamics are still a big concern with the disc-brake version, which demonstrates the same CDA as the 795 Light RS.

The aero frame design and internal routing of the Look 795 Blade RS make for an excellent aero road bike. There is room for three bottles of water, and the front end is slightly taller than the previous model. The Look 795 Blade RS also climbs very well and is a capable climber. The frame is also easily swapped for a variety of components, and the company backs up its frame with a lifetime warranty.

As for the bike’s suspension system, the Look 795 Blade RS is extremely comfortable. It features a 3S system for lateral stiffness and vertical compliance.

Look chased this feature and made it work. In the past, a seat post can be made compliant to allow rear flex, but the 795 Blade RS maintains a stiff seat post and allows the entire rear part of the bike to flex vertically. These changes improve pedaling efficiency, traction, and comfort.

The RL version of the Look 795 Blade is even more impressive. It offers great levels of comfort, and its carbon layup has both vertical compliance and lateral stiffness. It also has a removable rear brake bridge.

The rim brake detail is also gone, but the bike’s overall stiffness and braking performance are unchanged from the previous generation. It is the ultimate hybrid bicycle, and Look has mastered the craft.

Ride quality

There is no one standard definition of ride quality for look bikes. Opinions on this issue range from vague artistic notions to specific engineering terms.

In academic research, the term ride quality is often referred to as ‘just-noticeable difference’, which refers to the smallest change in stimulus. Ride quality is important for determining how a bike will feel when riding it, and it can be influenced by a variety of factors.

Bike engineering is no longer an absurd notion. The science behind bicycle design has evolved significantly over the past two decades. Some manufacturers even publish white papers detailing research that helps consumers understand the features and benefits of their products.

Still, it is not yet clear how to define ride quality. Some say it’s the mystique that a bike exudes. While the technical details aren’t important, ride quality is open to interpretation.


Generally, the stiffness of look bikes is higher than most. This is a result of their carbon layup and different grades of fibre. This is one of the reasons that Look bikes feel ruthlessly stiff when dropped.

Furthermore, they have no road vibration and offer a smooth ride that feels almost like titanium. In addition, they are comfortable and durable, which is something that everyone should look for in a bike.

In cycling, a bike’s frame stiffness isn’t always an indication of its quality. The stiffer the frame, the more efficient it is for propelling you forward. In contrast, a bike that is too flexy will make the rider spend too much energy flexing the frame.

This makes track bikes stiffer than endurance bikes. And all road bikes must have a stiff bottom bracket. While stiffness may seem like an obvious choice for cycling enthusiasts, it is important to remember that the ultimate performance of a bike is entirely dependent on the rider.

The stiffness of a road bike’s frame must be balanced against comfort, weight, and cost. Stiffness is a word often associated with pharmaceutical solutions. Bicycles share this paranoia of limp performance, and it shows in their marketing.

To combat this, bike designers continually play with the size and materials of tube frames. The goal is to maximize the ‘ride feel’ of the bike. If stiffness were the only attribute of a bike, it would be too heavy for a person to enjoy.

Another important factor in choosing a bike’s stiffness is the type of frame. Aluminum and carbon bikes are generally stiffer than most other materials. However, the stiffness of a carbon frame is not directly related to its weight and height.

Therefore, you should be sure to look for one that is similar to yours. Consider the style of riding and the intended use of the bike before making a final decision. You can always adjust the stiffness of your bike by reading reviews by reputable journalists and riders.


Depending on where you live and ride, you may be interested in knowing the durability of Look bikes. Although aluminum frames don’t break as easily as carbon fiber ones, they can still crack or creak before they break.

These problems are easy to identify. To ensure your bike’s long-term durability, check for cracks at least once a season, after each crash and after washing it. Be extra thorough around common failure points, such as the headset or the fork.

The industry’s confidence in composite materials isn’t always matched by consumers’ faith in their durability. Carbon frames, for example, are often questioned by consumers due to their relative fragility. Carbon frames can break after a year of use.

While manufacturers don’t share their return rates, industry insiders suggest that defective bikes represent less than 1% of their overall sales, which could mean thousands of bike returns each year for a major manufacturer.


If you’re on a budget and looking for a high-quality road bike, you’ll be delighted to learn that Look bikes are surprisingly affordable. Priced from around $1,500 for a frameset to over $2,700 for a complete bike, Look bikes are the perfect choice for the budget-conscious cyclist. These bikes are made to last and will turn you into the star of your local race track or club run.

The carbon fibre frame used in Look bicycles provides great stiffness and ride quality. While a carbon fiber frame may seem expensive, it does give the rider great comfort and a smooth ride. They come with pedals and custom mudguards for extra protection. You can find a Look dealer near you for a full range of bikes. Prices of look bikes vary, so be sure to check with your local dealer for a quote.

Carbon fibre is an increasingly popular material in road bicycles, and Look has been using it for years. The Look Blade RS uses varying grades of carbon fibre and a variety of layup methods to reduce weight and increase stiffness.

The result is a frame that is both lightweight and ruthlessly stiff, and has no road vibration – like titanium! The weight of a Look bike is also significantly reduced compared to a bike made with similar materials.

The Look 765 Gravel carries a MSRP of $3,000 and comes with a Shimano 105 or SRAM Force eTap groupset. The Look E-765 Optimum, which has an integrated FAZUA motor, is the company’s e-road bike option. It’s an excellent choice for road cyclists who are looking for a more dependable electric option.