How To Pay Attention To Riding Sun Protection? (Quick Tips!)

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It’s time to protect your skin more effectively, especially for female riders, so join us today and find out how.

If you’re anything like me, you sometimes find yourself lost in your thoughts while on a bike ride. This can lead to some dangerous behaviors, like not paying attention to your surroundings and getting hit by a car. To avoid these potentially life-altering accidents, it’s important to pay attention to riding sun protection. Here are five tips for keeping safe while cycling:

Wear a sun hat or sunscreen when riding outside during the day.


Sunscreen selection

Sunscreen should be applied before cycling. Choosing a sunscreen that is suitable for outdoor sports is the first step. It is recommended to use sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and PA+++. Sunscreen creams usually provide protection for 15 minutes multiplied by the SPF index. Sunscreen creams with SPF 30 or higher are recommended at noon when the sun is strongest.

When riding, I recommend EltaMD UV Sport Sunscreen Broad-Spectrum SPF 50, 3.0 oz. Zinc oxide in the EltaMD UV Sport 50 provides broad-spectrum protection against UVB and UVA rays and prevents tan formation.

The product can be applied directly to wet skin since it is sweatproof and waterproof. Outdoor activities such as swimming, running, golfing, skiing, and other outdoor activities are suitable. Free of fragrance and parabens. All skin types can use it.

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The sunscreen you wear during the ride should absorb oil. When I refer to zinc oxide as “oil-absorbing,” I mean that it is astringent, drying, and antibacterial.

The Elta MD flagship store in the United States has ranked number one in U.S. merchandise transaction growth and the Elta MD sunscreen brand is the leading sunscreen brand in the country.

It is vital to be aware of the skin damage caused by UV rays. 80% of skin aging problems are caused by UV radiation. The long-term effects of UV damage can cause facial dullness, roughness, fine lines, and sagging skin. The strong sunlight makes our skin burn during our rides. Consequently, enhancing skin resistance is key, and sun protection is the first step in skincare.


Use 15-30 minutes before riding on your face and body. During rest stops, reapply sunscreen lotion.

After-Sun Repair

You can repair your face every night before going to bed. You should choose a mask that whitens, moisturizes, soothes, and calms the skin!

We recommend this mask. KOSE Clear Turn Essence Mask (Vitamin C) 30 times 2 pieces + free gift

KOSE extractable lazy mask, a box of 30 pieces. Formulated with vitamin

n C. The mask contains theanine, which locks in moisture and alleviates dry skin. A long-lasting moisturizer, glycerin absorbs moisture from the air and allows the skin to stay hydrated for longer.

 People with sensitive skin can use citric acid as an exfoliator and control the pH range of the mask. Besides whitening and reducing oxidation, vitamin C is also linked to the production of collagen.


SPF – refers to the UV protection index, which calculates the value of UV-B wave protection.

It is a measurement of the UV-A wave protection effect. The PA value is expressed by +, the more +, the greater the protective effect.

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Sun protection cycling equipment

Cycling clothes

Clothing or sleeves designed for cycling should have anti-UV properties so that they can effectively resist the harmful effects of UV rays. Quick-drying and breathability are also important.

In the summer, many girls wear short-sleeved cycling clothes but tan easily on their arms. What can they do?

The point is that it doesn’t matter! Sleeves or a small jacket with sunscreen will help you solve this problem!


Wearing a mesh breathable glove will help reduce the amount of exposed skin.


As straight as they are, they can be used with cycling shorts for sun protection and easy disassembly.

Additionally, you can also choose UV-protective riding pants Oh, so your legs can not only be protected from the sun, but also save the trouble of choosing leg covers.


You should wear it on your head to cover your face, keep out dust, and prevent your neck and face from being exposed to the sun.

Cycling glasses

UV-protective cycling glasses are necessary. Sunlight is also very harmful to cyclists’ eyes, so cycling glasses can block the sun, wind, and dust.

Replenish water

before and during the ride. During the ride, you’ll sweat a lot, and your body will lose water in a large amount fast, so replenish it as soon as possible. You can avoid heat stroke and heat cramps by adding appropriate electrolytes to your drinking water.

Fruits against heat

Vitamin C-rich fruits include guavas, kiwis, strawberries, sage fruit, etc.

In the second category are fruits and vegetables rich in carotenoid pigments, such as carrots, papaya, cabbage, tomatoes, etc., which are antioxidants and help enhance skin resistance.

Lastly, we have soy products, which contain isoflavones, a type of phytoestrogen that is also an antioxidant.

Icy ice silk fabric can provide excellent heat insulation and ice-cold cooling for sun protection sleeves. Micro-pressure fabric that’s highly elastic, tightly wrapped arms and muscles, and helps to trim lines, making them slimmer. In addition, the fabric is only 0.5 mm thick, thin and soft, allowing for more comfortable activities.

As a result, I believe you need a professional ice silk sun protection sleeve with UV protection as well as long-arm guards for summer riding. This is something I recommend to everyone. UV Sun Protection Arm Sleeves with Thumb Hole for Men Women Youth, Cooling Sleeve to Cover Arm Tattoo, Mid-Compression. Putting it on does not allow you to take it off.