Mongoose Impasse Men’s Mountain Bike 29-inch Review 2024

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If you’re a serious mountain biker who is in looking for a top-performing cycle, the 29-inch Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle is sure to be a disappointment. This is because it’s not built specifically for the type of user with this type of customer in mind.

The 29″ Impasse mountain bike is designed for beginners or anyone looking to purchase a mountain bike in the range of nominal.


Wheel Size29 Inches
Specific Uses For ProductTrail
Suspension TypeDual
Special FeatureLightweight, 21 speed, Aluminum Frame, Mountain bike
Included ComponentsBike
Number of Speeds21
Size29-Inch Wheels

At around $300 It can be considered to be inexpensive. However, what many people who own this model believe is that it’s an excellent bike that is far above its weight. If you’re looking for an affordable, but good mountain bike, you’ll love this model.
Because it’s not your typical mountain bike.

It’s loaded with the essential attributes that expensive bikes have however it comes with a reasonable price in the same at the same time.
Let’s go over the features that have earned praise from those who have had the privilege of having them.

Features Of Mongoose Impasse Men’s Mountain Bike 29 inches


The first thing to do is get started. There are numerous advantages to owning dual suspension bikes. It provides excellent support as well as great mobility which are essential characteristics of every mountain bicycle.

 Dual suspension bikes provide the most control. You only have to ride a good hardtail to feel the balance that comes with the earlier. 

In addition, dual-suspension bikes were designed so that they can lower the cost of their purchase, which is one reason why they are priced lower. Mongoose Impasse 29-inch mountain bike is able to stay under this price, despite its top-quality features.

The dual suspension is often associated with smooth riding even though bikes equipped with dual suspension can become bouncy, this Mongoose Impasse absorbs the bumps and does it without jiggling around or transferring the impact to the rider.

 It is a bit unstable when riding at a high speed, however, it does a great job of cushioning bumps. Its wheels also remain more in the dirt, which gives you greater traction and control. This makes it an ideal opportunity to ride on rough terrains, like dirt roads, trails lined with gravel, or out in the open countryside. 

If you’ve never tried an all-wheel suspension prior to you might be able to find it Mongoose Impasse 29-inch bike a little stiff initially. It’s only a case that you can feel the thrill.

Full-Suspension Frame

Its Mongoose Impasse mountain bike comes with a complete suspension aluminum frame created to maximize biking performance and also provide the rider with the most ease. The disadvantage of the frame design is that it may create a bike that is a little heavier in comparison to the other models of mountain bikes.

 On the other hand, this frame can take the brunt of big hits, which allows you to engage in more intense riding if you want to wish.

What is more appealing to many who own these bikes is the suspension system and frame creating a fantastic full suspension.


Its Mongoose Impasse 29-inch mountain bike features an 11-speed rear derailleur made by Shimano as well as an MTB front derailleur that is paired by SRAM MRX twist shifters. The whole system is crafted to create a smoother and more efficient shifter that enables the rider to change between several gears with a single move.


The Impasse 29-inch is equipped with dual disk brakes that can be adjusted (alloy back and front disks) designed to provide you with the most responsive riding experience regardless of weather or terrain. 

The benefit of having dual disk brakes is that it gives you more stopping power and requires less effort. This makes it very practical, particularly during those emergency situations that could be a problem for anyone at any time.

29-inch Wheels

Just a glance over this Mongoose Impasse 29-inch mountain bike and you’ll take note of its black and large-sized wheels that create an attractive and striking appearance if you ask us. There are benefits and disadvantages to owning wheels of this size. 

The larger wheels provide a greater surface for traction, making it possible to turn at greater speeds. They also take on bumps and other obstacles with more ease than smaller ones and allow you to ride at greater speeds overall. 

This is made more apparent due to the fact that larger tires are more powerful but it’s not just about speed, as larger tires are also more secure. On the flip side, the size of 29 inches wheels makes the bike heavier and more complicated to propel.

Then there are the rims. Always opt for alloy rims for low-cost bikes, as metal that is solid will likely be of poor quality and heavy The result is uncomfortable, rough rides.

Grip on Roads

When it is about wheels, we must not forget about the large 29 x 2.35-inch tires that provide greater grip on gravel and roads and improve the safety of your rides. The threadless headset of the Mongoose Impasse is stronger and lighter it also offers smooth control when cycling. This allows you to navigate difficult trails easily.

Mongoose impasse weight limit:

Mongoose mountain bikes come in different frame sizes and weight capacities. The Mongoose IMPasse is a bike that is built for those who want to ride with more power and speed. However, the bike has a weight limit of 250-300 pounds, which may be too heavy for some riders.

Additional Informaion about Mongoose Impasse Men’s Mountain Bike

It is essential to think about the comfort factor when selecting mountain bikes because you’ll be riding on difficult terrain. Mongoose Impasse offers a comfortable saddle that can be adjusted by the seat post that can be adjusted to accommodate all types of riders. The handles of the bike are safe to grip and have a non-slip grip to assist in riding around corners.

The gearing system that comes with the Mongoose Impasse features 21 speeds that use Shimano both rear and front derailleurs to change gears for the exact ride you desire. With SRAM twist shifters, shifting between gears is easy to select the speed which is the best for the terrain you are riding. 

The mountain bike is also equipped with disc brakes on the front and rear to ensure maximum stopping power.


One of the things about Mountain bike frames is that they require to be sturdy and robust enough to take on difficult terrains. To ensure you can ride with a high level of intensity you must consider the frame material and the geometry that your bicycle has. 

A mountain bike equipped with complete suspension frames gives more control and stability in jumping and descending.

Frames made of aluminum like those found that are featured on the Mongoose Impasse mountain bike are less heavy than steel frames, and also more affordable. The frame is made of aluminum, and the fork suspension can help to reduce vibrations and absorb impacts from the trails to avoid discomfort and fatigue from an outing. 

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The frame is of top quality and sturdy with tubing to accommodate all types of cyclists and keep lasts for a long time.

Pros and Cons of using Mongoose Impasse Mens Mountain Bike

  • It comes with Mongoose Impasse Men’s Mountain BikenIt is very comfortable and easy to ride.nIt comes with Alloy wheels with quick release frontnIt is lightweight and DurablenIt is beginners friendly.
  • Shipping Is Not Good SometimesnMaybe Expensive For Someone

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Weight Limit in Mongoose Impasse Men’s Mountain Bike

The Mongoose Impasse Men’s Mountain Bike is rated for maximum weight in the range of u003cstrongu003e300-250 poundsu003c/strongu003e. But, the majority of customers say that the fat tire bike can support as much as 350 pounds, or perhaps 360 pounds.

Does mongoose make the high-end bike?

Although u003cstrongu003ethe Mongoose brand has consistently produced quality bicycles for performanceu003c/strongu003e in the past and continues to make them, however, the bikes they offered in department stores were less expensive and more accessible than their regular performance-oriented bikes.

Mongoose Impasse Pricing

The bottom line is that it’s the Mongoose Impasse is a competent light to medium duty, full-suspension 29u0022 mountain bike that costs u003cstrongu003e$280u003c/strongu003e and is a lot of fun to ride.u003cbru003e


Mountain bikes are a great way to get exercise and feel the wind in your hair. However, they can be expensive, so it’s important to decide if it’s worth spending money on one.

The Mongoose Impasse Men’s Mountain Bike 29-inch is a great option for those who want a quality bike that will last.

It features high-quality construction, comfortable riding, and reliable brakes. So if you’re looking for a good road bike that will provide years of enjoyment, the Mongoose Impasse Men’s Mountain Bike 29-inch Review is a great option to consider.