What Are The Reasons For Bike Riding Hip Pain?

What makes some people have no pain in their buttocks while riding a bike and some people can’t stand the pain in their buttocks after riding for a long time?

It is definitely not the main difference to get an iron butt. The test is whether you have evaluated your cycling habits and chosen a saddle that is suitable for you.

Air cushions, ergonomic cushions, expensive cushions…these aren’t the only options.

Saddles for bicycles are currently available in two types

1. Narrow and slender hard seat cushion

A narrow, hard seat, typically found on sportbikes, is designed for cruising at high speeds.

When pedaling fast, the wide seat cushion rubs the inner thighs and causes pain, which affects pedaling action, so the design is narrow and slender.

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In addition, the soft seat cushion does not support the body firmly and inhibits pedaling efficiency, causing the buttocks to feel like they’re stuck.

The soft seat cushion has a large surface area in contact with the buttocks, and the fast buttocks keep moving, but the friction causes pain.

Fast pedaling movements require a hard saddle.

2. Wide and soft comfortable seat cushion

Most entry-level and recreational bikes have comfort saddles designed for cruising.

Between the seat cushion and the buttocks, the wide design provides a large and even support area, as well as a soft seat cushion to provide greater comfort.

With leisure-oriented pedaling, it is not necessary to consider that a wide, soft seat is not appropriate for

Weight Distribution Principle

The rider’s weight will fall on the three support points of the hands, heels, and buttocks, and the buttocks and feet bear the most weight.

You push the pedals down by using your body weight when you press hard on them.

It is during this time that your feet bear more weight, and your buttocks bear less weight.

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You can imagine what it would be like to pump a car with your buttocks off the seat cushion, and only your foot carrying the weight.

It has been said that “chair cushions are for leaning on, not for sitting”, the harder your feet, the lighter your buttocks.

The more weight you put on your feet, the more power you can generate.

The buttocks often leave the seat cushion in many races or only touch a small area so that the body can exert maximum power.

The Main Cause of Early Butt Pain

Pedals are being paddled leisurely by your feet.

correct! Almost all of your weight is now on your butt, and your feet aren’t sharing the load with you.

Because the buttocks carry so much weight, the hard cushion support area is too small, but it will hurt them.

The soft and wide cushion can support your butt better than the hard and small cushion so that you will not suffer as much.

Choose The Cushion That Suits You

My riding habits indicate that I like to maintain a certain level of sports intensity, so a hard seat cushion is ideal.

Choosing a wider and softer cushion at this time will be better for your buttocks if you enjoy going shopping and taking in the scenery.

Your original car may not have come with the perfect seat cushion.

Sports bikes are available at certain price points. It is believed that you are a sports-oriented rider and will be equipped with a high-speed hard saddle.

Nobody said you had to drive at 200 mph to drive a Ferrari. A sports bike can also be used as a shopping car to enjoy the scenery gracefully.

Don’t be ashamed to take those narrow, stiff cushions out of the house. They are stylish, premium-looking, professional, and don’t look cheap.

However, his butt and his pain are both his own.

By choosing a seat cushion that is both good-looking and convenient to use, you will make your bicycle travel more enjoyable.

Are our wide and thick bicycle saddles necessary for comfort?

1. Increase the contact area between the buttocks and the seat cushion, disperse the pressure, and reduce the pressure on the buttocks.

2. More shock and vibration can be absorbed by thick padding.

Wide and thick saddles do not always reduce hip pain.

Let’s first look at the reasons for butt pain:

1. The bodyweight presses against the tiny area of the cushion when you sit on it. This causes a very large amount of pressure, compressing the capillaries and affecting blood circulation.

2. Friction and shearing force: As the human body sways on the seat cushion while pedaling, the edge rubs against the human body, resulting in friction.

As a result of the friction, heat is produced, and soon pain and skin damage result. As a result of friction generated by the seat cushion, combined with the compression effect, blood circulation is further aggravated.

3. Moisture: The moisture brought by sweat aggravates the effect of shearing force.

4. When riding, the skin temperature rises significantly, especially the perineum temperature.

I have a very happy cushion, but he is painful to use, and I firmly believe that practice for a long time will lead to iron butts and hard support.

As a result, the skin begins to necrosis.

After riding for a while, the seat cushion may be uncomfortable and cause you pain.

A seat cushion’s filling foam can be divided into good and bad materials, and a single material can have different densities.

The good seat cushion will have a nice filling material, moderate density, and even layers of filling, the upper layer will have a lower density, and the next layer will have a higher density, so that the seat will be more comfortable, and not too soft.

Conclusion: What Are The Reasons For Bike Riding Hip Pain?

This article was posted because I saw that beginner riders were considering various solutions to the pain in their buttocks.

In spite of the fact that others enjoy the same cushion, he finds it very painful to use, and believes that if he needs it for a very long time, he can become an iron butt.

Riders should understand that choosing the appropriate seat cushion is an effective solution for different riding habits.

If you want to be rich, you can also buy stylish and comfortable cushions.